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Freelance content writer with an eclectic employment history and an interest in game development.

Several Medium posts have informed me that I have should have an about page on my profile, so here it is!

It’s me face.


My name is John Bullock, I am freelance content creator, YouTuber, fiction writer, and proud father careening towards middle age with all the grace of an inebriated giraffe.

I studied computers in college (which was long enough ago that “computers” was something you could study in college), and followed that up with two decades of never working near a computer. Not once.

I have worked managing the refreshment kiosks in a 25,000-seater football stadium, I have worked in an iron foundry, I have repaired automatic transmissions for a living, and I have done a lot of welding and metal fabrication…


Thanos would never have stood a chance

Marvel/Disney — Modified by Author
Thunderdome is a FanFare series where our writers good-naturedly debate some matter of pop culture and then leave it to the readers to decide. Read each post and vote at the bottom!

The MCU Draft explained

When the idea of a draft-pick Avengers team face-off was pitched to me, my mind immediately began to conjure up images of my perfect team. It would be easy to rely on the established narrative of the MCU — but it’s always bothered me how the main players seemed to be so often overshadowed by their supporting cast.

When that draft pick started, I…

And the future looks… boring?!

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

For as long as I can remember, we’ve been warned about the rise of machines and what that might mean. Granted, when I was a child (and far too young to be watching 18 rated movies), the warnings were a little fantastical, as game theory computer systems took control of real-world nukes, and self-aware future robots came back in time to kill their nemesis’ ol’ mum. Since then the warnings have become a little more grounded.

Essentially, the machines are coming for our jobs.

Factory workers have long since seen this come to fruition, but lately, more and more jobs…

You can’t leave home without taking a little of it with you

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

“It’s the kids you see?”


Jess had drifted off again. It was a constant battle to maintain concentration these days, and Saul did nothing to help when he was in this kind of mood.

“The kids. They grew up here. They don’t care where we came from. Hell, they don’t much care where we’re going. Our science might have staved off death for a while longer but our tiny monkey brains still can’t think on anything approaching significant timescales.”

Jess sighed. “What are you getting at, Saul?”

Religion,” he said with a flourish, and that, at least, got Jess’…

It’s not “gangster musical”


For all the negative press the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had from the likes of Martin Scorsese in recent years, they have had plenty of praise for their willingness to tackle a variety of genres within the confines of the MCU. From political intrigue to heist movies, from space operas to coming of age flicks, Marvel has gotten about a bit.

There is, however, one genre they have yet to take a crack at that I would love to see.

Coming of Age Teen Ensemble Set Over 24 Hours

I know, it’s a very specific genre, but it’s also one…

And I’m thinking about deleting it

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a safe writer — I actively stay away from controversial topics because, well, I can’t be bothered with the baggage. I like to write a thing, have a bit of friendly banter in the comments, and move on. I certainly don’t want to jeopardise any potential future opportunities because I had mildly controversial opinions in 2021 that have become cancellable in 2031.

I may rile some people up over something like Star Wars, or pizza toppings, but I don’t consider those real controversies, and neither should anyone else. But this story centred around…

Fran has made a breakthrough, but what did she break?

Image public domain, modified from original.

Something caught Fran’s eye.

It started as a flicker in the corner of her vision — something and nothing — but it happened again a few moments later, and it started to spread.

Fran sighed.

“Stop,” she said, ripping the glasses from her face and tossing them onto a nearby table, “it’s not working.”

“I’m seeing a zero point two percent variance,” replied the disembodied voice of her computer, “well within acceptable — ”

“Context matters, Al. It looks like all of that variance is in the visualisation. It’s no use creating a perfectly accurate representation if you’re just showing…


There is no light without dark

20th Century Fox/Disney
Thunderdome is a FanFare series where our writers good-naturedly debate some matter of pop culture and then leave it to the readers to decide. Read each post and vote at the bottom!

Wait, wait, let me finish.

You may think that I drew the short straw in this week’s Thunderdome, but the truth is I chose Jar Jar. Do you know why I chose him? Because I know his true worth to the Star Wars universe.

And by the end of this post, you will too.

Jar Jar is, of course, the much-maligned Gungan who was introduced in Episode I…

Some conflicts never end

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven from Pexels

The Man stood in the middle of the field, feeling absurdly like an over-dressed scarecrow in his white suit. Overhead, the autumn sky was turning bruised, red and purple, as the light leached out of the world.

A figure emerged at the far end of the field. The Man hadn’t seen him arrive, just a black silhouette coalescing against the darkening sky. He walked now, though. Towards The Man.

The Man checked his pocket. After a few false starts and fumbling around, he retrieved a pocket watch from within and clicked it open.

And then The Man in Black was…

John Bullock

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